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Progressive AI Data is a one stop solution for a brightly lit automated future!

Progressive AI Data is an IT consultancy with a core of creativity that powers the significant business needs - Business Strategy & Planning, Brand Positioning, Corporate Branding, Product Design and more!

We will be your partners in

  • Building

  • Inventing 

  • Reinventing Your Business

Our Services

Our Functions

We Are A Strategic Digital Marketing Agency

Business Strategy

Business Strategy is the blueprint that guides an all-inclusive operational structure of a business.

Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding is the soul identity of your business. It defines what your brand thinks, believes and feels.


Shaping the future by fuelling creativity into the present! We a tech platform that works on a mindset of inventiveness.

Data Visualization

Make your business data driven by moving away from Excel to latest Data Visualization


DataArt helps companies to critically examine the value of blockchain to their business, and ensures business and technical success of distributed ledger projects.

ML and AI

We are here to train and install the ML models these models will allow you to compete with the best in the industry.

Why Us

Trust is precious!

Our core strength is a bridge of trust that is established on the ground of personalized approach with all our clients. We believe in business relationships that flourish through human touch and for everything else, there is technology!

24/7 Support

Yes! We operate 7 days a week for 24 hours! Businesses should never stop! Show must go on with 100% continuity!

We want to understand your business!

If your business is a book! We will read every word that is written! The study helps us formulate a strategy that is customized for each and every business.

Keeping in touch!

The technological set up, once it’s done, we make sure to arrange onsite visits that are vital for its seamless functionality and maintenance.

Flexibility is the key!

We create an environment that adopts a versatile functioning style best suited to your business. Hence it brings out the best results for your business.

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